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Ennis Business Forms, a local company since 1950, has donated its building located across from the 1918 rail depot in Chatham to the Pittsylvania Historical Society. PHS had been instrumental in preserving and restoring the rail depot, which since 2013 has operated as the History Research Center & Library, part of the Pittsylvania County Public Library.  The Ennis building serves as the headquarters of the Pittsylvania Historical Society and as a storage facility for historical artifacts and documents acquired by the PHS.

Our Project

The Pittsylvania Historical Society has built out some of the building interior to display artifacts depicting life in 19th Century Pittsylvania County. In December 2020, the Kiwanis Club Foundation of Danville awarded PHS $75,000 to improve the building. Building access will be renovated to make the facility handicapped accessible, and heating, air conditioning, and lighting improvements will preserve the artifacts and documents, as well as make the building more comfortable for volunteers and visitors to the exhibits.

The PHS plans to renovate the building as a local history museum, preserving the full story of Pittsylvania County for future generations to explore. 

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